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Finding our Brown/McInis ancestry is challenging, interesting and certainly entertaining!

Here's a little information about our family ancestry with links to other pertinent ancestral sites. While probably not entirely accurate, it is, at the very least, extremely entertaining.

My Brown family hails from the mountains of North Carolina when one ole "Charlie" Brown immigrated to the United States from Ireland about the turn of the 17th century and brought with him a Scottish lassie. Soon, some of these Browns got tangled up with some Shooks (German) and Hawkins' (obviously English). Going back a little, we find names like Clinton (William to be sure), De Roddam, De Rocheforte (Lisa's married name is Rochefort), Jones, Pickens', Smith, etc - a "Heinz 57" variety!

My wife's McInis family hails from the Boston, Massachusetts area, but finding ancestral information has so far been pretty difficult. A surname about as Irish as you can get, but somebody allowed some English blood to creep in via the Fryes, Galvins and Dukes - and we're still searching!

Click here for a graphic presentation (PowerPoint file - be patient) and HERE for a detailed ancestry file (Family Tree Maker .FTW file - free download of Family Archive Viewer program).

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